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The Bankruptcy Claims Process

After a company files for bankruptcy, creditors work with the bankrupt company to formulate a restructuring plan or liquidation plan.  If you are a creditor, obtain the bankrupt company’s Schedule F to determine if the company has properly scheduled your firm’s claim amount.  You can also file a proof of claim to establish your firm’s view of the amount owed.  Your firm must fill out the form correctly to be able to have a valid claim.

Tannor Capital Advisors specializes in purchasing bankruptcy claims.  We review bankruptcy case financial information, public financial information, and review of legal documents to determine whether or not there may be a recovery to creditors in the case.  The financial review and legal review in many cases takes many months or years due to lack of public information, case complications, litigation within the bankruptcy case and other factors.

Eliminate your risk – your firm has options to sell its claim, obtain tax loss benefits, and obtain a definitive settlement of its claim.  Call Tannor Capital Advisors at 914-509-5000 for advice and information.